First BJJ

I attended my first Brazilian jiu-jitsu class today! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Woke up at 10 with good intentions of staying awake – I even went downstairs to eat breakfast, but for some strange reason, my head was still really foggy so I hopped back onto bed right after. Quite literally. So in the end, I woke up at 1.30pm…

We headed to town at about 4 and class started at 6. Started off with some warm up like running and jogging around the hall. Then all of sudden, people did some falling on the ground cat moves. I was like wut. Myself and Ciara got our own little area to do some beginner moves with Vinininici ( close enough). At first, I felt a little awkward as the moves required very intimate contact. The trainer was literally right on top of me, or I on top of him. However, as time went on we became more comfortable and I actually felt like I was learning something useful in real life situations! After training, we met up with mam and ate dinner.

I managed to not open Snapchat at all today (woo). Went on Facebook for a tiny bit – mainly to stalk our instructor. Doing alright with IG. All in all, day 1 of minimizing social media is going great 😀


Happy New Year

Today is the first day of 2018! This will also be my first post for this year. I’ve actually started this blog TWO years ago and was quite consistent with uploading blogs, however, it was covered in dust so I decided to start afresh! I have made my old posts private so that only I can view them. I mean those posts don’t really matter anymore – reading back at them – they don’t really reflect who I am now and who I want to be.

Here is a fresh start to the new year!

Today, I woke up pretty early, say around 8 am despite the fact that I only slept at 3am the following night ( according to my Fitbit). I went downstairs to grab a cup of water as I was SEVERELY dehydrated, and Fishy was there!! I brought her upstairs, well sorta forced her upstairs… anyways, in the end, I let her out as I didn’t know if she needed to poop or not. I headed back upstairs and went on my phone for like 2hours then fell back asleep until 2pm. I felt so UNPRODUCTIVE and have WASTED a day 😦

I can’t really remember what I did today really.

Well, the twins popped over today. They are just so adorable – played with them for a while. Soon enough, it was 6pm, and we headed to my mom’s house for dinner. It consisted of brussel sprouts, carrots, potatoes and lamb chop. Afterwards, we had tea and chocolates. It was nice. We looked through old baby photos of Ciara and myself. Mostly Ciara. Reminiscing old times. Ahh, times flies. Here we are in 2018, looking back at photos from the late 90s and early 2000s.

I suppose I had a simple start to 2018, and I enjoyed it.

I told my sister that I am going to (try to) spend less time on social media, that includes – Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. This meant – not to be lurking into peoples’ lives on those platforms and also not to be posting temporary ‘stories’ for people to see. I want to go back to simpler times where I don’t feel the need to constantly compare my life to other people’s or try to portray how wonderful and fun my life is(or isn’t). Instead, I am going to type up my exciting ( and boring) life here on this blog, where probably no one will look at  😀 Additionally, I can perhaps spend more time doing more useful things like… reading, studying, exercising .. You get the idea. Things that are beneficial and productive. I don’t think scrolling through IG every 10 minutes can help me become a better version of myself? Or pressing the Snapchat icon to see what others are doing can help develop meaningful relationships with people. Instead, I am going to type up my exciting ( and boring) life here on this blog, where probably no one will look at  😀