Drinking some green tea

and so its been another month and more, almost two months to be more precise since my last entry.

Well, I completed my 10km run for the run in the dark event in an hour. My aim was achieved ! haha
During October and the beginning of November, I’ve been working every single day at the accessories shop, and without break, continued on with my take away life. They were tiring days, but somehow I felt that they were worth it. I had more responsibilities to take care of and I definitely learnt to take initiative at work and to have purpose whilst working. I enjoyed the process very much. After exhausting days at work, I got to see Hot Chocolate in town, and to hang out with him and his friend. We grew much closer and I had more time to comprehend him more despite working routinely, how ironic.

According to him, we went to our first proper date on the 2nd of November 🙂 I was getting ready to get off work. He stood outside waiting for me. As I walked out the door I saw him… he was dressed up with a shirt and jumper and was wearing his goofy but cute glasses. He requested me to turn around, so I did. When it was ready for me to turn back around, he held out a bunch of red roses for me. My heart melted.

We walked hurriedly to the place he wanted to bring me. It turns out, to be the Sugar Club and on that night, they were showing Spirited Away 🙂 I was overjoyed with happiness and excitement. We had pizza and wine during the movie. After the movie we got some Gino Ice Cream.

Hes been wonderful to me every single day, even days after our long chats about ‘ so what are we’ chats. I can honestly say I am really happy being with him. He makes me laugh like a child. He helped me to remember a lot of childhood and teenager experiences that I thought I long forgotten. He cares and he listens. Mostly importantly, he accepts my flaws.

Anyways, carrying on through the month, I remember we went to a food tasting event, afterwards, he brought me to watch a French contemporary dance/drama called L’Oubliee, in the Abbey Theater.

He finally had the chance to make me Pho. Knowing that he spent a night trying to make pho prior to his ‘official’ pho for me, then watching him prepping and cutting the ingredients, tasting and being all nervous about the final product, I honestly didn’t mind how it’ll turn out. It’ll be delicious to me no matter what. And genuinely speaking, the pho was mouth-drizzling and soul warming 🙂 Later on the night, we went to watch the Hunger Games. He also realised he was already hired in his new workplace after his interview  XD. We were official.

I feel like I can go on and on with this entry, so I will type out the most recent thing we did.

Yesterday after town, he came to my house to listen to my new CD, Adeles 25. We drank a pot of green tea whilst listening to it. It was simple, but I enjoyed every moment of our time together.

I said I love you, to you for the first time too : )





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