it has been a year and a month since I officially graduated from my undergraduate program, additionally over a year of working part-time.

I had this urge to type this post out for many days, but haven’t got the chance to. Anyways, here it goes.

Ever since working, I learnt a lot of skills, for example, working under pressure; being organised; dealing with difficult people and complicated situations; having to be punctual(essential); doing more than I was asked to do etc etc I think more or less, all the very generic skills you gain from working in sales or customer base services. My communication skills improved a lot. I’m more willing to talk to strangers; and also more willing to express myself in given circumstances.

As the year went by, I began to notice the things I still need to change and learn. I noticed that I still have trouble with time-keeping and being on time; I’m on my phone a lot( damn you social media!); I’m impatient with customers..and I get so irritated so easily by small things. I mean I become so angry when people blame me for things that was clearly not my fault. I sometimes allow my emotions to obscure judgement. I become rude and egotistic. Deep inside, I recognize that that is how the real work. People work like that and if you’re not in the position to say anything then you kind of have to STFU or apologize.

To be honest, the list of bad stuff I noticed about myself can go on and on…but the point to this post is that….. I’m glad to have all the opportunities to work in many different areas during my year out of college. Not only have I better my communication with people, my confidence level elevated. I also discovered who I really am on the inside. Having to face different situations – the ugly side of me springs out into the air

Outer Beauty is transient and impermanent. It leaves you little by little every single day.  Beauty deceives. Beauty is skin deep.Character and integrity requires time to build. They are the qualities that can never leave you nor can be ever taken from you. I don’t desire outer beauty, but the latter.


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