and so

after spending a day and more attempting to recover photos, years and years, dated back since 2007, from my dear dear….dearest hard drive….

Recovery fail

Over 8 years worth of memory… seem to just vanished into thin air – silly me for not creating a back up file, or burn the photos onto a disk..or just print the photos out and put them into a lovely physical photo album.

Frustrated? Yes I am. Upset? Most definitely, but I’m getting over it.

I mean, more memories will be created over time. Life goes on and more exciting happenings will happen, and I am going to try to capture them all, not only with my phone or camera…but also with my eyes, my ears, my nose, and my touch.

Major and minor events that happened in the past will always be in my memories, but ya our eyes are placed in front of us for a reason, to keep looking forward.


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