I’m so hungry

522814_357196974373717_1109172484_nIf you really want something in life, go and work hard for it. It’s true I worry too much. I worry so much about failing that I don’t even start trying. I worry about all the possibilities of what might go wrong than to think about all the opportunities that things could go right and even better.

Its easy to say , just stop worrying. I believe its not that easy. To stop worrying, I need to fill my mind with something else – to replace the worries with hope and faith. Anything that was meant to be, will work out in the end….maybe not today,  maybe not tomorrow nor this year or next (*Inspired by Sam in Bristol lol).. but so long you don’t give up and stop trying, and so long you can breathe and live…things will work out. Dont over complicate or analyze Fiona. Be in the moment. Be present.

The title of this post has not relation to the post itself.

156958_10151135176535583_2048918694_n This was taken in John Lewis (Sheffield) back in 2012.

I don’t understand why, I’m finding it harder and harder to express my feelings, to anyone.. It is like every time I attempt to express them, a huge shutter falls down in front of me or my inner voice became mute .

Do we lose vulnerability as we grow older?

Love requires vulnerability. Until I can be vulnerable, I can’t truly love.


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